A Phemolek Welcome.

Welcome It’s a changing world. We intend to influence it in the right direction. MORE LESS

Sustainable Innovation.

Innovation Fellow Responsible use of resources to generate true lasting solutions. MORE LESS

Focusing on What Matters

globe A better, richer, happier world is possible. We can make it happen. MORE LESS


Vision To be the global leader in sustainable innovation. MORE LESS

An Integrated World

Integrate Pooling seemingly unconnected industries and technologies to produce ground-breaking solutions. MORE LESS

Think. Work. Forward.

Think Forward Sustainable solutions require not just new thinking but new ways of thinking. MORE LESS


Phemolek Solutions intend to be a key player in the reshaping of the bold new world through charting new integrations of seemingly unconnected disciplines in order to influence a changing world in the right direction.

We are driven by an ambition – to make your life and every life on this planet better, richer and happier.

We are sure the days of “shallow-science” and lazy thinking is over. That the era of "win-lose" paradigm and segregationist outlook is waning. In the new realities, impossible is nothing.


In a world where the true cost of our civilization is an irreversible deterioration of the earth – depletion of nature, global warming, extinction of entire species, ecological and societal imbalances – there is dire need for more advanced, more sustainable solutions.

These new solutions must be wide and deep enough not only to move humanity forward, but also to clean up the mess of piled-up side effects spawned by decades of "shallow-science" and short-term thinking – we intend to play a role in that.


A better, richer, happier world is only possible with a better, richer, happier people.

We are building new solutions through new methods, new tools, practical approaches and application of science and technology.

In all these, we remain true to our foundation of timeless, unshakeable principles that guide our collective conscience and preserve our humanness. This sharpens our focus, amplifies our effectiveness and empowers us to produce erstwhile impossible solutions.


We understand that becoming the global leader in sustainable innovation requires the consistent ability to think responsibly, to think wider and to think different.

We apply our faculties, often beyond the narrow boundaries of shallow-science, to arrive at sustainable innovative solutions that does not impact adversely on other aspects of our planet.


An impossible problem becomes immediately solvable once it is rightly redefined in the proper context.

Working with new paradigms enables the out-of-the-box thinking required to resolve complex problems.

We work forward toward creating holistic solutions that advance humanity – beginning from our immediate environment, Africa, and, then, outward.


By synergizing seemingly unconnected disciplines and fields, our capacity to create practical, sustainable solutions to tough local and global issues is intensified.

The winning edge of the newer 21st century civilization - over the older crumbling culture - is in our limitless capacity to synergize and integrate.

Indeed, there is strength in numbers.


Phemolek Solutions (RC1003841) is a fully registered solutions company.
We work to create new sustainable solutions through innovative integration of specialized arms in

Industrial Solutions. Human Capital Development. Real Estate. Support Services. Business Development. Community Development.
Email: bizdev@phemolek.com